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Worldbike builds cargo bikes to assist third world poor

FACT: Over a billion people worldwide lack adequate access to transport. Most live in rural areas cut off from markets, clinics and schools.

California-based Worldbike designs and distributes brand-new bicycles that are inexpensive, durable and built specifically to handle large loads, rough terrain and inclement weather. They’re also maintained and repaired locally.

Worldbikedoesn’t just give away the bikes for free but arranges microcredit financing for bike purchases. As Worldbike says, “The philosophy is that anyone who demonstrates a clear need for a bike and shows they plan to use it to improve their life receives one at a price they can afford and pay back over time. Giving bicycles away for free by definition undervalues the bicycle, reducing the chance that it will be properly used and maintained. It also fosters a dependency on charity that is unsustainable.”

Customers can also pre-order a Worldbike cargo bike for their own use. Proceeds from all purchases will help support bike distribution efforts in Kenya.

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