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Winter Cycling Tips

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We hope that the first day of winter hasn’t discouraged you from cycling for the next three months.

Here are some winter cycling tips from Transport for London – they should know, winters in London aren’t exactly mild!

See where you’re going

  • As the nights draw in, it’s important to have good bike lights; white at the front and red at the rear

Be seen

  • Make sure you can be seen in the dark or in bad weather conditions
  • Wearing reflectors and high visibility clothing helps everyone to see you – including pedestrians! Check out CycleStyle’s stylish reflective gear – the Disco-bright legwarmers, Pageant Queen Reflective Sash, Jenny Cycling Cape and hoodies by Pedaler Clothing.

Don’t get wet

  • Investing in a good lightweight waterproof jacket with breathable fibres is always worthwhile. Have a look at Pedaler’s Unisex Microsuede Anorak.

Keep your grip

  • There are a wide range of gloves available, featuring breathable waterproof materials, padded palms, and non-slip brake and gear change fingers, so there’s no excuse for chapped, dry hands! We love Freehands Gloves which keep your hands warm while still enabling you to use your phone, camera or switch gears.

Cover your head

  • The claim that you lose up to 75 per cent of your body heat through your head alone may be a myth, but if you wear a thin ski hat or balaclava under your helmet you’ll be sure to keep your head and ears warm. Why not pop an Otto and Spike beanie under your helmet?

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