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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

We’ve selected some pretty and useful gifts for your cycling Valentine lady. 

Under $20

Skirt garter $14.95

GarterOn2 373x303 Gift Ideas for Stocking Stuffers or Kris Kringle

I Love My Bike Bell $14.95

I Heart My Bicycle Bell 299x303 Gift Ideas for Her

Under $50

Raisin Rayncape $49.95

 shot6 382x2741 Gift Ideas for Her

Disco-bright Reflective Legwarmers $49.95

Dashing Tweeds legwarmers pink 196x303 Gift Ideas for Her

Under $100


Sunset Handlebar Clutch $79.95


Cherry Straw Bobbin Shopper $99.95

 JCW9306 373x303 Gift Ideas for Her

Under $150

Charcoal Waxed Canvas Rack Tote $119.95


Fanfare Loop Pannier $139.95

6790900671 97e16372c7 o 373x303 Gift Ideas for Her

 You can also purchase a gift voucher for any amount if you can’t decide!

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