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Not your usual Cyclist’s Repair Kit

Skincare company Lush has produced a Cyclist’s Repair Kit – but it won’t help you with your punctures and you won’t find a screwdriver or allen key in sight.

Instead, Lush are helping more sartorially-minded cyclists to repair themselves after a ride. This cute limited edition kit only costs 9.95 and it includes a mini-Wiccy massage soap bar, a chunk of Aromaco deodorant and sample tins of Handy Gurugu hand cream, lubricating Ultrabalm, King of the Mods hair gel and Ultralight moisturiser (SPF10). Everything is contained in a box made from Lush’s recycled black pot.

Sadly, the kits are only available at Lush UK and not Lush Australia. Great gift idea for your cycling friends and family living in the UK.

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