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A treasure trove of Japanese bike gear

We made an exciting discovery on Bourke Street in the city recently.

We are big fans of Japanese goods and in particular the 100 Yen shops found all over the country – the Japanese seemed to have found a way to make life just that little bit easier and prettier with their gadgets.

The closest we get in Australia to a 100 Yen shop is Tokuya, a very cool shop hidden in the basement of 236 Bourke Street. To the dulcet tones of J-pop you can browse through aisles of stationery, storage solutions, giftwrap, suction hooks, makeup, hair accessories, kitchenware and the largest selection of plastic microwave containers outside of IKEA.

In the back corner of the store there are some awesome bike accessories – useful and ingenious and a whole lot cheaper than you’d find in a bike store. Everything is priced at $3.50, although some more luxe items (like the bike rear view mirror) are $4.50.

There’s a whole collection of reflective bits, from stickers to straps to sew on fabric, lace handlebar covers (can’t work out whether they’re for warmth, aesthetics or to protect against rain), colourful spoke reflectors, net basket covers and our favourite, the umbrella holder which screws onto your front fork.

Tokuya is definitely worth an hour of dedicated browsing – everything is seriously kawaii!!!!

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