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Our weekend – Sydney Urban Bike Trail

We’re heading to Sydney this weekend for a little mini-break – to indulge in macarons from Adriano Zumbo, go to watch Cate Blanchett and a stellar cast in Uncle Vanya, see the Annie Leibovitz photography exhibition and stroll around the awesome Bondi Markets.

Naturally we’ll also be taking the opportunity to check out the cycling scene in our neighbouring city and to catch up with Saskia, founder of Sydney Cycle Chic.  Our friends The Humble Vintage have just expanded their fleet of restored vintage bikes to Sydney, so we’re going to hire an old step-through for a spin and follow Time Out’s Art & Design urban bike trail (via Sydney Cycleways).

Where are you riding this weekend?

Copyright Time Out Sydney

PS We’ve packed all the gear we need for the weekend in our purple La Pomme Bike Satchel. We’re amazed by how much you can fit in the bag and of course they’re very chic!

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