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Street food via bikes

So we’ve been dreaming up business ideas with our friend J, who is a great cook, and about how she  could start delivering some of her delicious Vietnamese food to busy office workers and people who don’t know too much about Vietnamese food but want to access something healthy and tasty for lunch.

We’ve been encouraging this idea as we love her food. But also because we think she could run her delivery service by bike!

There are not too many “entrepedalers” in Melbourne that we know of, but they are on the rise in bike-friendly San Francisco. In this fab article from the San Franciso Bicycle Coalition we learnt about a pie, banh mi, sandwich, curry and even creme brulee bike delivery service!

Even more interesting is that these entrepedalers often use social media to reach out their customers. Most use Twitter to alert people as to their location, much like the Beatbox Kitchen (which is a truck, not a bike).

With Melbourne being pretty flat and full of tech-savvy foodies, we’re hoping someone will bring us a creme brulee on a bike soon.

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