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The search for the perfect purse

Barb from Bike Style Spokane went in search of the perfect purse and landed upon Po Campo‘s bike bags. She loves her Free Bird Loop Pannier and Classic Rack Tote. Why?

  • Quick attachment with straps that just buckle around the rack—nothing to dig into my side later and this would fit on any rack.
  • Nice bright lining.
  • Pockets inside and a separator in the pannier that will make it easy to develop consistent packing habits.
  • Big outside pocket on the pannier has a magnetic closure—no more snags.
  • Straps on the bottom of the tote used to fasten it to the top of the rack would also let me hang a yoga mat on there.
  • Reflective elements on the sides that will show while I’m riding. Plus the light fabric will just show up more.
  • Last but oh, so far from least, they look like purses. Nice finish, nice hardware, protected zippers, pretty fabric (with a water/fade resistant finish).
You can read the full review here.


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