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Saving up for the Pram Bike

I’ve never owned a car and I would be quite happy never to own a car.

However, many people have told me that it’s simply not practicable not to have a car when you have children. Well, that may be so, but I’m saving my money to buy a Zigo anyway. I’m dubbing it the Pram Bike.

The Zigo® Leader™ is a functional multi-gear city bike which attaches a ChildPod® at the front. So you can see your kids in front of you instead of twisting around to watch a trailer or child seat. Once uncoupled, the ChildPod® becomes a stroller or jogger. For the times where I must use a car, the ChildPod® folds up flat to fit in the boot of an economy size car.

The Zigo® Leader™ with ChildPod® retails for $2495 for the 3 speed bike and pod and $2595 for the 7 speed bike and pod. You can also buy the bike and pods separately, and there are other accessories such as a jogger kit ($99.95), rear rack ($9.95), rain cover ($9.95) and traditional back trailer kit ($99.95).

Update: I’m pregnant and the baby is due in February 2011! Which means that the search for the perfect Pram Bike is becoming a serious quest now – so I would really appreciate your suggestions and experiences.

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