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Roscoe Crossbody Bag – the Perfect Day Trip Travel Bag

The Roscoe Crossbody bag is not just great for cyclists – it is fantastic as a day trip, sightseeing bag for travellers.

Maria Boustead, the founder of Po Campo, designed the Roscoe Crossbody after realising that there was no bag in their line that would be perfect for sight-seeing. You know, a slim profile to move through crowds, hideaway pockets to stow important documents, space for things you need throughout the day.

During a recent vacation to Turkey, she used the bag daily, and loved it! 

Here’s why:

  • It packs flat in a backpack or suitcase
  • You can easily fit in a wallet, guidebook, sunglasses, Kindle, notebook and a small bottle of water;
  • >The front pocket provides easy access to street maps and the inside zippered pocket is good for hiding big bills and/or passport;
  • The key fob works for making sure no hotel keys are misplaced;
  • Having such a flat bag is good for crowded trains or marketplaces. The main zipper is “submerged” which makes it less obvious how to get into it.

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