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Riding to school

Parents and schools, don’t forget that next week Wednesday 16 March is National Ride2School Day.

Did you ever ride to school? Remember what it was like – the freedom, the speed, the fun!

We think it’s a little sad these days that it’s more common that the school run is a traffic jam of cars, often big bulky 4WD, all jostling to find a car park. We’ve even heard of traffic management wardens being appointed to manage school traffic during peak hours. It sounds like an altogether stressful and unpleasant daily experience.

This is a great video featuring a group of Orlando high school kids who gather together to form a ‘bike bus’ to ride to school. Ignore the twee background music and listen to why they ride and the benefits they gain from riding to school. The themes are universal for many urban cyclists – riding in the morning is a quiet and peaceful way to start the day, it’s better than waiting for the bus, it’s a great way to meet up with friends.

Plus of course if more kids (and parents) considered the feasibility of riding of school, maybe, as one kid says in the video, it’d make going to school and the school run much more fun!


via @nitramluap

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