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Ride to Work – Monday

Next Wednesday 13 October is National Ride to Work Day, a great event with communities of cyclists from all around Australia enjoying a free breakfast and generally being part of the bike riding revolution.

In the lead-up to Ride to Work Day, I thought this week I’d devote the blog to showing you how one, real-life, commuter cyclist rides to work every day – me!

My friend Cheryl from fashion blog Business Chic has photographed me going about my daily business with my trusty Diamondback hybrid and my usual work wardrobe. You’ll see that I like to wear pops of colour, live in stretchy skirts or dresses, don’t iron, cycle in heels and cover myself with a coat or scarf if there’s a bit of a breeze.

I stopped using a backpack years ago after suffering from back pain and generally disliking the sweaty-back sensation. Nowadays I attach something to my bike to carry my bits and pieces, whether it’s a bag, pannier or basket (I’ll admit, I’m lucky to have easy access to lots of different bike accessories to match my look!).

I cycle about 30-40 minutes a day and sometimes more depending on where else I have to be during the day. My direct route is pretty much downhill on the way to work and slightly uphill on the way home.  I ride steadily but fairly slowly, so I don’t carry a change of clothes or need a shower on arrival.

Anyway, it’s Monday and Monday is the day I replenish my groceries after the weekend. Every week I take my wicker basket to buy my fruit and veg from my local Turkish grocers on my way to or from work. They also have the best Turkish bread in town!

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