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Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet Liner

Business fashion blogger and commuter cyclist Business Chic reviews the Airhead Helmet Liner made by Australian design company Twowheelcool.

The Airhead Helmet Liner claims to prevent the dreaded helmet hair. Here’s what Cheryl had to say about it:

  • It’s super easy to pop an Airhead in your helmet! Simply have the bouncy spikes facing outwards so they can create space to get some air moving through your hair as you cycle.
  • Normally, the moment I pull off my helmet I’d find that my fringe is stuck to my forehead and the crown of my head all sweaty. Take a look at my day using the Airhead!:

Top L-R: Before Cycling;  sneaky pic of my hair prior to a meeting I’d just cycled to.

Bottom images: Cycling about town~ up hill; getting sweaty face and in light rain!

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  • It’s comfortable. The “spikes” that stick out from the Airhead Helmet Liner are pretty bouncy and just buffered against my hair; thereby creating the spaces through which air could come in and cool my scalp.
  • The Airhead Helmet Liner is easily removed and can be rinsed and dried or wiped down. Very easy to clean.

You can buy the Airhead Helmet Liner in a range of colours for $29.95 + shipping.

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