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Nutcase Helmets are the most fun a helmet ever had! Nutcase has re-defined helmets with unique designs that people love to wear. The Nutcase revolution has taken the world by storm.

Nutcase Helmets was founded in Portland, Oregon USA by former Nike Creative Director and designer Michael Morrow.

“We recognised a gap in the marketplace for cycle and skate helmets, where they were either solid black or a licensed character. There was nothing ‘cool’ from a graphics standpoint for youth and adults,” says Michael Morrow.

“We made Nutcase helmets for ourselves, our kids and our friends. The response has been tremendous.”

“Most helmet graphics are either cheesy or based on cartoon characters, which means anybody over three is pretty much excluded. I believe there are people who want to ride their bikes in a simpler helmet shape than the aerodynamic cycle helmet style, and would like a product that is more visually fun and expressive than just another black helmet”

“People are not going to wear helmets any less in the future, so somebody has to make them more exciting to wear. That ‘somebody’ is Nutcase!” says Morrow.

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