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BOOKMAN was born when of three friends from Stockholm, Sweden, had about half a semester left of in their degree in Industrial engineering and together with another friend who also didn’t want to get a proper 9-5 job they started a business designing bike accessories.

BOOKMAN want to make accessories that complement the bike instead of detract from it. Since the start of BOOKMAN in June of 2011 the brand has been critically acclaimed by both bicycle enthusiasts and design lovers all around the globe. BOOKMAN products have been featured in magazines and blogs like Monocle, Dezeen, Daily Candy and Cool Hunting.

Today you can find BOOKMAN Lights at premium retailers in over 30 countries - in top notch bicycle shops such as Cicli Berlinetta (Berlin) and ParkSIDER (Tokyo), in world class concept boutiques such as Colette (Paris) and Wood Wood (Copenhagen), museum shops like MoMA (NYC)...and CycleStyle in Australia!

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