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Ass Savers, logo

Ass Savers are five designers based out of Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city in all of Sweden.

Ass Savers, Sweden

Sadly or gladly, none of them have matured past the point of twelve year old boys when they saw the world brought to life as they frenetically propelled themselves as fast they we could down the streets.

It’s out of these memories of this pedal-powered love that they create products to celebrate and encourage the joy of biking. It is also their belief that they have an obligation to design responsibly to protect the environment as much as they can. That's why you won’t find nasty materials or unnecessary packaging on any Ass Savers product.

They are definitely not the first to have the idea of attaching something to the saddle to protect from the worst road spray. The concept is as old as rain and bikes without mudguards but where others have failed, they succeeded through the relentless development of literally hundreds of prototypes, a deep knowledge of sustainable manufacturing and passion for brands that resonates with its followers.

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