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Joyce Watts

Be part of the change – let’s see more women on bikes in the media!

joyce watts

As you know I’m passionate about promoting a culture of everyday bike riding in Australia.

I also believe that representation of women in cycling press and mainstream media is important in changing the discourse in society about cycling as a viable mode of transport.

Bicycle Network, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes bike riding culture and advocacy in Australia, has also noticed that their marketing material lacks diversity in riders, from types of bikes to racial and gender diversity.

As such, Bicycle Network wants to build a photo bank of women riders that they can use for their marketing collateral so that their marketing expresses the inclusivity that they preach at the organisation.

If you also want to be part of the change and to help ensure that women of all ages, cultures and professions are represented by Bicycle Network, please email to join me in a photoshoot!

The material will be used in social media posts, eDMs and potentially a content piece by Bicycle Network.

Bicycle Network International Women’s Day Photo Shoot

Wednesday 7 March at 11-12pm

Canning Street x Capital City Bike Trail, North Carlton

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