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Outlier Women’s Riding Pants review

Julia from State College Cycle Chic reviews her Outlier Daily Riding Pants and says:

Yes, they were very expensive (US$180) but let me tell you about how much and how often I use them.

  • I bike in them, obviously, and probably several days a week. They are made of some magical material that doesn’t ever seem to get dirty  and if they get dirt / food / snow salt on them, it brushes off. These are ideal features for any bike riding commute because on certain days, like in snowy slush or rain, you will inevitably get something on your pants if you aren’t wearing knee-high boots.
  • The pants are stretchy so they are comfortable to bike in, but they hold their shape, so they are flattering.
  • I wear the Outlier Women’s Riding Pants to my night job doing promotions when I have to dress up.  They look awesome, feel comfortable, and with heels on, no one knows I bike in them.

You can read the full review here.

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