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Monkeysee, Monkey do

With earlier, darker evenings arriving with winter you’ll need to consider how to keep yourself safe and visible at night on your bike . 

The Monkeysee Harness is a new reflective product which gives you extra visibility, all in a neat stylish package. 

The harness has been designed in Sydney and is very comfortable to wear and a cinch to get on and off. Just pop it on, clip and go! Check out this video which shows you how. It’s even handy for evening jogs or walking the dog!

Each harness offer two stripes of high intensity reflective film for after-dark visibility. Have a look at the comparison picture between a cyclist who isn’t wearing the harness and one who is – you can barely make out the non-wearing cyclist. 

The harness comes in a reuseable zip up pouch which you can stow away easily in your bag or basket.


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