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Minnehaha Medium Saddle Bag review

Bike blog Lovely Bicycle reviewed the Minnhaha Medium Saddle Bag and had this to say about it:

  • The bag is voluminous. There is only one large compartment, which can be loosened or tightened via the cord.
  • It is basically a large, versatile bag that can be stuffed to the brim and will still look good.
  • We have filled it with clothing, food, purchases, bottles of water, etc., and it has behaved very well…the bag is extremely stable and does not dangle.
  • A wooden support (visible inside, along the top) ensures that it will keep its shape.
  • Both the canvas and the leather come “unfinished”…when treated with a water-repellent conditioner, the leather will turn a dark chestnut brown.
  • Main drawback of the bag is the location of its closure – which is so low that it’s almost underneath the bag.
  • Difficult to fasten the buckles at first, as the fit wasn’t perfect – but over time everything stretched out and softened up and this difficulty subsided.

For the complete review, click here.

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