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Made to Measure – Treadlie Handmade Bicycle Show

State of Design is Victoria’s annual design festival and the theme for this year’s festival is ‘design that moves’. So it’s fitting that part of the design showcase Design  : Made : Trade is an exhibition of bikes.

Specifically, Treadlie magazine contacted bicycle builders, from professionals to amateurs, and put together an exhibition of eighteen bicycles – from cargo bikes to elegant step-throughs, cruisers to single gears. Each bike comes with a story….

Here are some of our favourites:

Bumble Bee – Mick Peel, Busyman Bicycles – Concept and Leatherwork Design, Dan Hale, Shifter Bikes – Assembly and Wheel Build.

Can you believe that this bike was salvaged from a rusty old frame lying in the gutter? Mick’s eyes were drawn to the fancy key-lined lug work and pinstriping. He then set about repolishing and chrome-plating the handlebars and stem, adding new parts and finishing off the details with a beautiful customised leather seat with a bumblebee motif.

Big Mama. Whoa get a load on that bike! David Bowan from Bobo Bicycles was commissioned to build a load-carrying courier bike and while his frame building jigs were set up for that project he took the opportunity to build a load-carrying bike for child transportation and urban family use.

This bike can carry up to 3 kids with easily removable seats to give flexibility in either child or load carrying. Who needs a Toorak Tractor-style SUV for the school run?

Aemilia. Such a pretty name for a pretty bike. By Nigel Venning, Mrs Fairweather – Bike Spotter and Millwright and Connie Kosti – Storyteller and Opinionist. Aemilia was first spotted by Nigel in someone’s shed. He dressed her up with some new colours, some beautiful hand-drawn, laser-cut, wooden-veneer spats, matching timber handles and leather trim.

Dandenong Tea Cart. A gloriously decorated Christiana bike from PS Bikes. A Christianna No Box bike was purchased by RMIT’s Department for Art in Public Spaces. They then commissioned artist Aslam Akram to collaborate on the design and decoration of a traditional Afghan tea bike.

The Tea Cart is to serve as a micro-business for an existing trader making tea in the Afghan Bazaar Cultural Precinct in the Dandenongs. It also aims to promote Afghan culture through social practice and aesthetic impact.

Design Made Trade is on 21-22 July for trade and 23-24 July for public entry, 10-5pm all days.

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