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Love the Lekker

In case you’ve been wondering about the beautiful black bike we used in our YouTube videos, let us introduce you to the Lekker Double Dutch.

The Lekker Double Dutch is a classic 3 gear Dutch bike designed in Australia. We found it a really smooth and comfortable ride, with an elegant upright sitting position and a step-through frame that just made everything seem more ladylike (though men use step through frames in Europe a well).

The bike has all the accessories you’d want in an urban bicycle – integrated wireless LED lights (no more forgetting/losing your lights), a rear rack, a ‘slap & tap’ kickstand, chain guard and skirt guard.

We think it’s a high quality bike and the best thing is that it’s on sale at the moment via The Agenda Daily for $540! We are very, very tempted to buy one for our collection…


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