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Or maybe that should read ‘We are alive!’.

CycleStyle is officially open for business, and our excitement holds no bounds.

The store has been our passion, our waking thoughts, our middle-of-the-night to-do lists and constant conversation topic for months. We’ve been planning, writing, buying, designing and building the business, while dealing with full time work, three blogs, five weddings, an interstate trip, an overseas honeymoon and then being given notice to vacate by our landlord.

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe these past few months.

But we’re here and we’re happy and we hope that you love the store as much as we do!

Finally, we must give a big thank you e-hug to the following people for their advice, support and hard work: Tim; the parents; London agents Huy and Nathan; super-supportive friends Jenny, Brendan, Michael and Andrea; site designer and blog crush Karishma; business and design guru Nikita; friend and stockist Alex from Eco Fashionista, our countless supporters and friend Kimberley and hairdresser Stelios for planting the seed for CycleStyle in the first place.

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