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Lekker Jordaan Bikes – Test ride and review


Marianne from Esme and the Laneway is a fashion blogger and cyclist and we asked her to review the new Lekker bike – known as the Jordaan. Here’s what she had to say…

 I’m always excited at the chance of riding a new bike, and when I saw the Lekker Jordaan I literally squealed with delight – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

MINT pink grey cape - Copy

A solid, curvy frame with similarly plump tyres, high handlebars with soft grips and a good fat saddle, the overall look is sturdy and voluptuous – not words I thought I’d use to describe a bike! I rode the mint green version, which is especially pretty.

MINT blue pink cape - Copy

The first thing I have to note is the kickstand – so important with bikes and so often underrated.  Suitably chunky, it was easy to move back and forth – even in precious heels – and supported the bike really well, even on uneven ground. I’ve had too many experiences with stiff kickstands that are a struggle to put down, only for them to then have a personality change, become decidedly flimsy and collapse under the bike’s weight. Not so here. Phew.

So, to the actual riding.  As is the style with Dutch bikes, the riding position for this is very raised. The bike is, according to the description, suitable for riders from 5’1 to 6’4.  At 5’4, I’m at the shorter end of the scale, and even with the seat all the way down it did feel quite tall. But once up and going, I love riding up this high. It makes me feel very safe on the road, and I have excellent visibility – I can see cars and they can see me!

BLACK blue pink cape - Copy

I love the high handlebars, too, which encourage some very good posture and an upright riding position. With that plush saddle – the largest I’ve seen, the most comfortable I’ve been on – it gave me the feeling of being sat on my couch, rather than a bike; a wonderfully relaxed feeling for riding!

Verdict? A delight to look at AND ride! 

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