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LEKKER Dutch Courier Ladies Bike – test ride review

In the second of our LEKKER test rides, we asked stylish cyclist Kirsty to ride the LEKKER Dutch Courier Ladies bike and give her independent review. Here is what she thought!

– how does it fit?

Even though the bike seat was a touch too high for me to step onto without the assistance of the curb, which could easily fixed with the right set of tools – the seat could be lowered! – I found the bike quite comfortable. It was surprisingly easier to pedal like this, and gain more speed, as this extra height allowed me to extend my legs further for optimum pedaling power.  

 – riding position comfortable?

I’m used to sitting up straight and tall on my old rattler of a bike, but found the slight forward incline quite good. I felt like I had more control over the bike and it made me want to ride faster, and to pay more attention to the road – and not the scenery, which I often do when I’m sitting up straighter and going slower! The bike was quite comfortable for riding the amount of time I rode it, which was around an hour. The seat was harder than I’m used to but I’ve been told you get used to this very quickly. 

 – wheels? tyres?

Hmm not really sure what to say about the wheels/tyres but they were white, round and seemed to do the job pretty well! I liked the colour; very vintage-esque on a modern bike. 

– how smooth a bike feels, how quickly it responds to accelerations, and how smoothly and crisply it shifts.

The bike was a very smooth ride, being all new and shiny, and went pretty fast effortlessly on a straight road. It made hardly any noise except for the sounds you’d expect of the tyres on the gravel road. 

 – how well the bike absorbs shock and vibration from the road. 

Riding on the straight flat gravel road was like a dream, while riding on the cobblestones it was as you’d expect: bumpy… but not unbearable.

 – how quickly it responds when you jump out of the saddle and also when climbing hills

I always came to a complete stop before jumping out of the saddle, which worked out nicely when parked next to the curb side. Without having any gears I wouldn’t like to climb up a steep hill on this bike as I’m not very fit, and I like the gears to do all the work for me. But, as I mentioned before, this bike gets up some pretty nice speed so it wouldn’t be too hard to go into a hill if you’ve got good speed behind you.  

 – how stable the bike rides while descending at fast speeds

The back pedal brakes on this bike took me straight back to my childhood and I’m honestly now confused as to which I prefer; either the handlebar breaks or back pedal? I think I’m going to pretend my bike has a back pedal brake while braking with the handlebar’s ones… then I get the best of both worlds! The back pedal brakes seemed to work out pretty well, they stopped me when I needed them to stop me without too much effort, and while going really fast and stopping suddenly did get a little screechy, it stopped in time all the same.     

 – whether the bikes will corner effortlessly

I found turning the corner quite easy. Even tight turns weren’t too difficult with the structure of this bike. Usually, on my old rattler, the wheels get in the way on tight turns but on this one they didn’t.

Overall I really enjoyed riding this bike, and with the seat at a slightly lower height it would be a dream!


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