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Kids Bike Basket Giveaway at Little Eco Footprints

When doing research for CycleStyle we discovered that it’s very difficult to find nice wicker baskets suitable for kids bikes.  All the baskets we seemed to see where nasty plastic and wire ones made from cheap materials and most of them were attached to the bike as well.

So we were very excited to discover the Kids Wicker Basket by Fast Rider in the Netherlands. The baskets are made from treated wicker by workers in Poland and are cute as a button. Plus they slip on and off the handlebars easily which means that when your little one arrives at their destination they can carry their own gear – whether it be their lunchbox, their doll or their ball.

Over at the wonderful parenting blog Little Eco Footprints there is a Kids Wicker Basket to giveaway this week. Tricia Hogbin writes all about her life with her family in Newcastle, with a particular focus on living closer to nature and leaving a little ecological footprint. Naturally that means the whole family rides bikes! Check our Tricia’s blog here.

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