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Introducing Wet and Wendy

Is it wet and wendy where you are?

Here in Melbourne this week it seems like we’ve had never-ending rain, from a light drizzle to a full downpour. It hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about though, thanks to the new raincoats we’ve got in store from local Melbourne label Wet and Wendy.

Firstly, we adore their cute name and their mantra – LOVE THE RAIN! Secondly, we’ve given their raincoats a test-run with this week’s weather and we think that you’ll love these stylish, functional and portable raincoats as much as we do.

They come in two styles, a longer raincoat and a shorter cape-coat, and in two colours. We’ll be taking some sample colours and sizes to the Melbourne Design Market next Sunday 24 July if you want to see them and try them on.

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