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HappyRainyDays Size Chart

Trenchcoat size chart

Trenchcoat ladies
Size S (36/38) M (38/40) L (40/42)
Bust coat 102 cm 108 cm 114 cm
Waist coat 90 cm 96 cm 102 cm
Under Bust coat 114 cm 120 cm 126 cm
Sleeve length jacket 75 cm 77 cm 79 cm
Length Jacket 90 cm 92 cm 94 cm

How to measure

1) Bust: Measure 1 cms below the armpit, horizontally around the chest

2) Waist: Measure horizontally around the smallest part your waist

3) Hips: Measure horizontally around the widest part of your hip

4) Sleeve Length: Measure top of shoulder (where your neck stops), on top shoulder then vertically down to the upper joint of the thumb.

Tip 1: HappyRainyDays trenchcoats are worn like any other jacket ie over other clothes but not necessarily over another jacket. It is therefore advisable to measure your size wearing your everyday clothing.

Tip 2: You may have to choose between two sizes, for instance if you fit the sleeve of one size and the bust of another size. Always select the largest size then.

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