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Gloved up with Freehands

We can’t wait for winter. Not because it’s the best time for cycling in the city (more room on the roads), but so we can break out our new Freehands gloves.

Freehands gloves are designed with thumb and forefinger tips that flip away and are held back by magnets.

The Freehands Tech tip liners , which can be used alone or in conjunction with the gloves, have tips made of silver conductive thread when means you can use your iPhone/iTouch screen without taking your gloves off. (For a chance to win a pair of Freehands Tech Tip liners, help us get to 100 fans on our Facebook page.)

We think these gloves are seriously cool. You don’t even need to be a cyclist to use them! Basically, if you like to keep your mitts warm but still want to be able to answer your mobile phone, use your iPod or take a picture, Freehands are the answer.

The gloves come out of Noo Yawk which experienced the snowmaggedon earlier this year. You can imagine how popular they were with freezing New Yorkers and their gadgets!

At CycleStyle we’re the exclusive Australian stockists for a range of Freehands mens and womens gloves and liners, from functional fleece to luxurious cashmere.

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