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Giving second-hand bikes another lease of life…to help others

Copenhagen-based Baisikeli collects discarded bikes from Denmark to help the disadvantaged both in Africa and at home.

When the bikes are sent to Africa, they create work, education and transportation. The group has set up projects in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, and it ships bicycles to workshops it has established there to train local people in bicycle repair.

The bikes are then sold to locals —offering a better-quality, lower-priced alternative to the bicycles commonly available—while others are converted into bicycles that can serve as local ambulances and cargo bikes.

Profits from the fixed-up bikes that get sold are invested in local projects, while a portion is put back into developing the workshops. In the future the group hopes to offer local mechanics micro-loans so they can start their own bike businesses, as well as to develop a Fair Trade Baisikeli bike that will be built in Africa and returned to Denmark for rental to tourists.

Unemployed people who have been out of a job for three years or more do the handling of the bikes in Denmark.

This video illustrates the project’s goals.

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