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Help us give a Helping Hand

At CycleStyle we’re passionate about getting more people using bikes as a mode of transport.

We know that bikes make life better. And we want to share the ease, convenience and joys of bike-riding with everyone – male, female, young, old.

So we’ve entered the Suncorp Bank Helping Hand competition to have the opportunity to receive a $5000 small business grant by sharing our best business tip.

While we think our business tip is pretty good (and the key to everything we do), more importantly what will we do with $5000? We will help 30 adults around Australia to learn to ride a bike for the first time or to refresh their bike skills.

Do you know someone who might benefit from our helping hand?

– Maybe you didn’t learn to ride a bike when you were young and now you feel you’re too old to learn.

– Maybe you’re a mum who hasn’t been a bike since you had kids. Now your kids are cycling but you don’t feel confident on a bike anymore – so you’re missing out on the fun.

– Maybe you’d like to take up bike commuting to save money and as an easy way to get fit, but feel unsure on the roads.

– Maybe you haven’t been on a bike since you were a kid but now all your friends are cycling and you’re the only one who doesn’t. And you don’t want to look silly wobbling around the streets. 

– Maybe you’re retired and haven’t been on a bike since your 20s but now you want to go on a biking holiday through Europe (like my Mum! ^Joyce).

If you support our grand plan, please vote for our entry in the Suncorp Bank Helping Hand and get your friends voting too. You can vote once a day up until 5pm Friday 1 June 2012. To find out more about Suncorp Bank Helping Hand click here.

Think of the change we could bring to our families, our friends and our communities if we could start by helping 30 people get on a bike! Read this inspirational story by Caitlin, who learnt to ride a bike aged 36.

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