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Girls guide to riding in a skirt

(Photo via The Sartorialist)

Over at City Girl Rides they have posted up some easy tips for riding in a skirt.

some things to keep in mind is that short skirts, tight skirts, or flowing skirts tend to ride up the thighs when pedalling, and when a gust of wind sweeps by it can really be a show stopper.

Umm yeah. I’m pretty sure some passing motorists have seen more than they wanted to see when I’m riding a bike. I’ve discovered that jersey wrap dresses, while great for the office, are possibly the worst design for riding a bike (other than a chiffon evening number I wore once and tore holes in the hem).

The tips are common sense mostly and will only add to your ladylike demeanour. So don’t feel that you can’t ride a bike in a skirt!

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