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Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Sunday 4 September

Fathers Day is just around the corner so we’ve compiled our gift guide for your cycling dad, suitable for any bike and any budget! Plus next week on the blog we’ll be bringing you posts all about Dads on Bikes.

Cycle Signs $14.90 – $29

Cycle Signs are reflectors made from recycled road signs. They can be attached on your handlebar or seat post, or in the spokes of your wheels. The reflectors come in a range of colours and no two are alike!

*NEW* Cotton Duck Cape Roll and Zipped Roll $59

The cape roll is a classic protective roll for your cape and/or tools and the zipped roll is a closed version of the cape roll.  These bags are very compact for the cyclist wanting to travel light, but large enough for those essentials in case of a change in weather or punctures.

 Canvas and leather saddle bag $59

The small Canvas and Leather saddle bag is surprisingly roomy and big enough for an all-day ride – you can stuff lunch, a wallet and a rain jacket inside and there’s a leather tab at the back for lashing extra gear or attaching a safety light. Check out the user video here.

Sporty Blue double panniers $129

The water-resistant Sporty Blue Double Panniers by Fast Rider are strong double panniers with a retro sporty striped look and huge capacity. They also come in a black colour with red and white straps.

Cotton Duck Bike Bureau $159

Carradice’s 100% waterproof cotton duck bike bureau is tough and hard-wearing and the leather straps give the bag a touch of class. The double flap arrangement, stormproof drawtop and self-sealing seams keep contents clean and dry. Laptops are protected by fitting it inside the removable padded pouch.

Off the bike the flap folds back to protect you from the hooks and road dirt and you can carry the bag with the handle or shoulder strap. Have a look at all the features with in this video.

*NEW* Outlier Mens Pants $199

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a small range of Outlier’s amazing mens pants – the 60/30 Khaki Chinos, Black Climbers and Slate Grey 4Season OG pants. Outlier make pants which stretch, breath, are durable, wick moisture and are wind, water and dirt resistant – what more could you ask for? Hurry as we only have limited stock.


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