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Fast Rider comes to Australia

Fast Rider is one of the inspirations for me starting up CycleStyle.

When I was in Amsterdam I spotted a pony-tailed girl on a bike with a stylish shopper bag that I really liked – but when I got back to Australia I was really surprised to find that no one in Australia stocked Fast Rider products.

Hailing from the spiritual home of urban cyclists, the Dutch company make excellent quality panniers and bags (as well as clothing and other accessories) and they’re stylish to boot.

I’m happy to report that the first shipment of Fast Rider products has arrived and Christmas has come early CycleStyle HQ. Our stockroom is full of panniers and shopper bags (including the original one I spotted in Amsterdam, yay!), from luxurious to retro-styled, and I can’t wait to see them let loose on Australian bikes.

CycleStyle will be stocking a selected range of Fast Rider products exclusively in Australia. If at any time you spot another Fast Rider product that you’d like, send an email to and we’ll help you out.

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