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Design your own Dutch bike

If you travel around Holland you’ll see that lots of people ride the old-fashioned, sit-up-and-beg bikes. To the point where the words ‘Dutch City Bike’ conjures up a particular sort of elegantly framed ride.

Now you can custom-build your own Dutch City Bike with Beick. Basically, you design your ride on the Beick site from modular parts and it is assembled to order. The bikes have aluminum frames, Shimano hub gears and Vredstein tires. You can choose your seat, brakes, handlebars and forks and color schemes are provided using snap-on plastic components.

The basic bike with a Brooks leather saddle and without fenders or a chain guard comes to just €250.

Unfortunately we don’t think Beick currently ships to Australia. However, a Melbourne business Papillionaire is offering a similar service which delivers all around Australia.

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