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Cycling Dutch Style – tour and documentary

In May 2011 Paul van Bellen from Dutch city bike importers Gazelle Bicycles Australia will lead 30 Australian cycling thinkers over a 500km, 13 day tour in The Netherlands, the world’s most cycle friendly country.

Filmmakers Rowena Crowe and Paulo Alberton will follow and record van Bellen’s tour as his team studies innovations and attitudes in cycling. Rowena and Paulo will be detailing their trip at and developing a documentary about the journey at the end.

Rowena and Paul are currently raising money to enable them to participate on the tour and create content for both the website and documentary. You can contribute funds via their IndieGoGo site as well as help spread the word using social networks.

Here’s a video about with Paul introducing the reasons for the tour and what we can learn from the Dutch.

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