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Stuffitts Shoe Drying Inserts for High Heels

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Wear your heels a lot or in the rain – and don’t want to end up with smelly, sweaty and damp shoes?

Stuffitts For Heels are soft, moldable, reusable cedar inserts that combat moisture and kill odour in women’s high heeled shoes caused by perspiration and outdoor elements such as rain. There are two pairs in every pack.

Stuffitts have a streamlined form with a tapered shape for optimal fit. Firmly compacted cedar fill allows the insert to retain its functional form even when compressed.

Stuffitts start absorbing moisture and eliminating odour immediately upon contact.   They will then dry out again naturally, both while inside the form during use and when removed and exposed to dry air. Microban protection helps prevent odour causing bacteria on the fabric inserts. Do not machine wash or dry.

Stuffitts For Heels

One Size Fits All

Stuffitts inserts can be used repeatedly as needed on a daily basis for approximately 1 year, though many users find that they can use them effectively beyond these guidelines.

Watch the instructional video here.

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