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Rayne Water Resistant Bicycle Helmet Cover

$ 49.95

No more wet hair! Cycle in style with Rayne while staying dry in this water-resistant gray, black and blue plaid helmet cover. The fabric also weaves reflective threads for extra visibility at night.

The brim will provide some shade from the sun and keep rain off your face and there’s a loop on the back to attach a safety light.

RockiNoggins helmet covers are made in Seattle USA and fit most types of bicycle helmets. They come in two sizes S/M (kids and women with small helmets) and L/XL (most adults and oval/pointy road style helmets).

RockiNoggins helmet covers are simple to attach and remove and turn a boring helmet into something cycle chic that reflects your personal style. Want a new look? Just change the cover to match your outfit.

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