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Cycle Sign Spoke Clamp

$ 19.95


Cycle Signs are reflectors made from the offcuts of reflective road signs used by Australian designer Trent Jansen to create his Sign Stools. Australian design blog The Design Files, described them as “simple but genius”.

The reused road signs used to construct the Cycle Signs come complete with all the characteristics of their previous life, including reflective vinyl labels and the odd evidence of their life by the roadside. This not only provides character but tells the life story of this road sign, serving its public duty on the freeway.

Cycle Signs are available in two versions, a spoke clamp and a strap. The spoke clamp is designed to be easily installed around the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Please note that the colour combinations described may not be exactly the same pattern as the pictures and your order is for one, not four spoke clamps.

Cycle Signs ship for free due to their lightweight nature.

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