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Lucine Black Hooded Trenchcoat

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$ 239.95

With HappyRainyDays, you can always feel stylish and confident in the rain!

The fashionable trenchcoat is 100% waterproof, wind-proof and breathable. That means that your clothes won”t get damp from either the rain or perspiration. To further prevent water getting in, the coat has taped seams (ie back of the seams has a glue strip), the collar of the trench can be buttoned tight under the chin and the sleeve openings are adjustable to make them narrower or wider.

Each garment is lined with a cheerful contrasting 100% cotton fabric for comfort, absorption of perspiration and style. The extra-long sleeves (purpose made for cycling) have a nylon lining so your arms slide in easily.

The trenchcoat can be worn belted or unbelted, tied in the front or the back. If you want to roll the sleeves back (showing the accent of the lining) we recommend that you remove the wrist band with the button.

The high quality fabrics and excellent craftmanship means that your HappyRainyDays trenchcoat can be worn year round, whether you”re cycling or not.

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Product Details

The outside of the fabric is 100% nylon (not only more breathable, but more environmentally-friendly than PVC) while the inside has an additional coating, for additional rainproofing. The same coating makes the material windproof, prevents cooling off and the accumulation of heat.

Waterproof and breathable. Technically speaking, the material has a value of 5000/5000. This means that each square centimetre of fabric stops a column of 5000 mms of water (absolutely watertight) and a water vapor permeability of 5000 g / m² / 24 hours (very breathable).

Taped seams (ie the back of the seams has a glue strip) to prevent water from seeping through.

Cheerful 100% cotton lining for comfort, absorption of perspiration and style.

100% nylon sleeve lining so the coat slips on easily over your arms.

Belt with contrast lining.

Side pockets.

Additional closure at collar.

Extra long sleeves for cycling.

Adjustable sleeve end to narrow or widen the opening.

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