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What do you think about CycleStyle?

Happy New Year!

Now that the Christmas gift-giving rush is over and we’ve eaten all the prawns/Christmas pudding/gingerbread cookies that we can fit in, we’re using January to take stock of our first 6 months of business and to plan a bigger, better 2011.

Since the beginning we’ve asked our customers after their purchase for feedback on their shopping experience at CycleStyle. We’re a young, small business offering something new and different for Australian cyclists and we figure if you don’t ask questions then you’re never going to know the answer (even at the risk of some ego-bruising).

However, we know there’s a lovely bunch of you out there who are visiting the site, reading the blog, are our friends on Facebook and Twitter, and yet have not yet purchased from us.

Basically, we’d really appreciate it if you could answer one question.

What do you think we can do better?

Whether it’s the colour of our website to the tone of the blog or the number of products we offer, we really want to hear what you think so that we can make CycleStyle even better for you.

If you’re a bit shy saying it via the comments section, then please feel free to email us on

Thank you!

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