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Cycle Instead

In the world of bike advocacy, we think that one of the key ways to encourage people to cycle is to point out that it’s often quicker and easier for them to get from A to B by bike.

So huge kudos to the South Australian Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure for developing an extremely useful online cycling trip  planner ”Cycle Instead’‘. The tool allows you to choose:

  • the fastest route;
  • the lowest traffic traffic route;
  • the route that maximises bike paths;
  • your average speed, so you can calculate how long it’ll take you to get there. (We tend to tootle at a sedate 12-15km/hour, default on the tool is 20km/hour);
  • your maximum gradient, which means you don’t have to climb hills if you don’t want to – it’ll just reroute you around them; and
  • whether or not your bike can handle travelling on unsealed roads.

Finally (and we think this is particularly awesome) the map can show you the locations of bike lockers, public transport stops, bike shops, public phones and other useful information.

Then if you want you can just print out the turn by turn instructions and the map.

A simple yet effective step to get Adelaide pedalers all thinking about why they shouldn’t ‘cycle instead’. Now, for other cities to catch up….

(via Adelaide Cyclists)

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