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Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen

It all started in Copenhagen.

In 2006, Mikael Colville-Andersen started taking photos of the stylish citizens of his hometown as they went about their daily business on their bikes. His images inspired readers from all around the world and his blog went viral. Copenhagen Cycle Chic has been voted ‘Top 100 Blogs Worldwide’ The Times and Mikael has been called ‘The Sartorialist on Two Wheels’ and ‘Ten Best Fashion Bloggers’ by The Guardian and

There are now cycle chic blogs all around the world, including Sydney Cycle Chic, Melbourne Cycle Chic and Canberra Cycle Chic on our doorstep. Mikael’s work has also inspired stores such as ours that celebrate cycling as a mode of transport.

The thousands of photos posted on Copenhagen Cycle Chic have now been curated and compiled into a lovely hardcover book entitled Cycle Chic. With chapters such as Sartorial Style, Bike as Fashion Accessory and Angels in Details, we hope you’ll be inspired by the book to cycle stylishly on your bike.

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