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Hannmaid Bike Pocket Squares

Hannmaid is a Melbourne-based design label and they make our cufflinks and slapbands. They've now added silk pocket squares to their collection and they will be debuting at The Big Design Market this Friday-Saturday-Sunday at Royal Exhibition Buildings Carlton.  The pocket…

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Mother’s Day Ride

We went on a little ride for Mother's Day with our Taga pram bike, Lekker Double Dutch bike, Dahon fold up, toting a Basil wicker basket and Kitsch Kitchen panniers    and sporting Nutcase helmets, a Wet and Wendy Smartcoat and a Cream…

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The Story of Iva Jean

Follow Iva Jean founder and designer, Ann DeOtte, as she bikes Seattle and shares her experiences and vision for Iva Jean. The video also features designers and seamstresses, Katie Walag and Sewn Product Services' Kristine Carlton and Jenny Mae Miller.

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Iva Jean Size Guide

REVEAL SKIRT Size Waist Hips Length* US0/AU4 25 3/8″ 37 1/2″ 23 3/4″ US2/AU6 26 3/8″ 38 1/2″ 23 3/4″ US4/AU8 27 3/8″ 39 1/2″ 23 3/4″ US6/AU10 28 3/8″ 40 1/2″ 23 3/4″ US8/AU12 29 3/8″ 41 1/2″ 23…

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