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Twelve designers customised twelve bicycles made by Peugeot to auction off in support ACT Responsible, an association for advertising professionals to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility. About the bikes, the ACT Responsible website says…

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Republic Bikes at Roger David

We have been admiring custom made Republic Bikes from the US for a while and recently discovered that they ship to Australia...via rather staid menswear store Roger David. It's a rather odd combination in our minds. But hey, if it's…

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Moving house by bike

With Christmas orders piling up and numerous trips to the post office, we're finding ourselves becoming a little obsessed with cargo bikes. This one, spotted at Barcelona Cycle Chic, takes the cake. It is huge! And it was used to…

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Forever Bikes from Shanghai

When I visited Shanghai earlier this year, what struck me was the big gleaming buildings and the construction everywhere.  Cars congested the streets, the roads were noisy with jackhammers and even walking on the pavement felt a bit hazardous. I…

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Surfboard? No problem

Travelling in South East Asia, we've seen some crazy things transported on bikes before. Fridges, tied up cows, mattresses, five kids - it can all be strapped on and moved around on two wheels. I've yet to see a surfboard…

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Supersonic futuristic bikes

The Coolist, a design and lifestyle blog, have compiled a list of 10 amazing bikes of the future. We think the Artikcar by Ben Wilson is simply adorable. And if you're in Melbourne, check out what's happening at the Melbourne…

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Villy Custom Cruisers

Customised bikes are all the range at the moment but until now we've yet to find a company that makes customised cruisers. Villy Customs' more funky than the classic Dutch sit-up-and-beg bikes. We had great fun with their easy-to-use website…

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Write the bike

Love these bikes with inbuilt typography, created by Swiss art directorJuri Zaech. We want one with 'CycleStyle' written in the frame! via Behance

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