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Cupcake bike delivery

The New Yorkers do it again with their bike-based businesses – this time delivering cupcakes to your door. Cupcakes are particularly tricky to transport by bike – a little jolt and all that lovely icing smooshes into a big candy-coloured…

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Find the right bike for you

I love my iPhone. iPhones can do anything! Now it can help you fit the right sized bike for you with SizeMyBike - six body measurements and it computes the optimal road or mountain bike frame for you. Pretty nifty!

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Lawyers on bikes

National Ride to Work Week is happening on Wednesday 13 October and I've already registered myself with Bicycle Victoria for this year's ride and events at Federation Square. Coincidentally on the same day as I submitted my registration I came…

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Bike share in Huangzhou and Taipei

China was traditionally a land of cyclists - until motor vehicles became a symbol of status and wealth and the Chinese ditched their bikes in favour of gas-guzzling, congestion-creating cars. So on a recent trip to China and Taiwan, it…

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