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Carradice Duxback Waxed Cotton Rain Cape review

Sydney commuter The Smut Pedaller (!) reviews the Carradice Duxback Waxed Cotton Cape. 

Key points:

  • It’s quite a heavy material but it feels durable instead of flimsy like modern synthetic materials.  
  • The cape works best on a more upright bike as it is less cumbersome. [O]n a drop bar bike and it is fine but it just feels a bit weird with the hunched over position.  
  •  The Duxback cape has many little features that aren’t on cheaper capes, a large reflective stripe on the back as well as a waist strap to stop it flying up in a gust and wrist loops at the front so the cape stays attached to your arms. 
  • Compared to the rain jacket the ventilation is a lot better, you can lift up the cape to get a bit of a breeze going, however since it’s waxed cotton and it sits flat on your back, I find that you do get a little bit of back sweat.  
  • It is very fast to put on or take off.  You can put it on straight over whatever you’re wearing and it’ll keep you dry.  This is something that is unmatched by a rain jacket and rain pants.  

For the full review click here. The Carradice Duxback Waxed Cotton Rain Cape was also reviewed in the April/May 2012 edition of Ride On Magazine.



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