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Bravo Transport for London – Cycle Stories videos

When I first decided to move to London from Melbourne, I was unsure about whether I’d feel comfortable cycling around such a large, sprawling city. I’d never even heard of people cycling in London, everyone just got around on the Tube.

Shipping over my bike was the best decision I made for my time overseas. I gained immense confidence as a commuter cyclist, I got to places quicker without the stress of public transport and I discovered new places which I otherwise would never have encountered. Owning a bike really opened up the city for me and gave me headspace not to become engulfed in the strains of living in a fast-paced city of 13 million people.

Transport for London is doing great work with encouraging cycling in London, and I think these videos of everyday people and celebs cycling the city highlight the joys and benefits of city cycling everywhere, not just in London.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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