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CycleStyle Blog – all our adventures, thoughts, gripes and inspirations in one place

Welcome to the CycleStyle blog! This is the place where you can get to know…

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Spread your love

How cute is this? ''Spread your love' by Hamed Hohan is a tyre design stamping…

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The Suitcase by Marie Claire

Perhaps this is the way fashion editorials will be in the future - moving off…

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Eva Mendes – Mamma Mia!

We're not sure whether Eva Mendes is on set or rocking her own outfit and…

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Trainerspotter x Puma

Trainerspotter launched a new bike "Number 5" in conjunction with sneakers from Puma called SkyHi…

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Bike share in Huangzhou and Taipei

China was traditionally a land of cyclists - until motor vehicles became a symbol of…

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What do you think about CycleStyle?

Happy New Year! Now that the Christmas gift-giving rush is over and we've eaten all…

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Bike posters from Hardlyart Design

We heartily agree with the sentiments of these limited edition posters from South Wales designer…

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Lekker Bikes Terms and Conditions

CycleStyle are acting as an agent for Urban Bicycles Pty Ltd in the sale of…

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