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Aileen in Fitzroy – Ballet cycle chic

I spotted Aileen cycling along Carlton Gardens and was immediately struck by the matching colours of her head-to-toe cycle chic, from her outfit to her bike.

Before I could compliment her on her look and ask for a photo, the lights turned green and she rode off elegantly, leaving me stalking her through several streets in Fitzroy until she finally stopped. Turns out she was listening to her ipod and couldn’t hear me!

Anyway, Aileen was kind enough to let me take a photo of her and her bike and we had a grand old chat. Turns out Aileen is a second year fashion student and bought her ride for $30 from Camberwell Markets, along with the woven basket strapped to the back rack with a bungee cord.

She’s a self-proclaimed kitchen-twine obsessive, hence the wrapping of the handlebars.

I particularly loved her balletic outfit – the stretchy leotard-like black top adorned with silver jewellery matched with a pleated skirt by Alpha 60 with the hem bundled up with a rubber band away from the chain (haven’t we all done that!). When I was chasing her the skirt billowed out like two clouds as she pedalled along with a cute pair of Country Road grey/silver ballet flats peeking out.

Thanks for the Spring inspiration, Aileen! You made my day.

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